The $40-for-40-Years Campaign

At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty the wit; at forty the judgment.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Despite moving administrative offices to Philadelphia in 2004, the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic has never been identified solely with one locale. Like the people, themes, and geographies that we study, the Society has held conferences across the continent, and the Journal of the Early Republic and the annual conference have embraced broadly defined geo-temporal and thematic scholarship.

Since we are not rooted in a specific place, we have never needed to raise funds for a new building or archival repository. Yet, we still need to plan for our future. This spring, to honor SHEAR’s past and build toward the Society’s future, we are having our first major fundraising campaign in quite some time. The $40-for-40-Years Campaign asks simply that each member donate $40 in honor of our fortieth anniversary meeting, which will be held in summer 2018 in Cleveland. Individually, $40 is not much, but if 80% of members each contributes $40, we will raise over $25,000 towards our Society’s future.

Still, we recognize that some members may want to do more, and we welcome your support. So, we encourage you to be creative. Give $400! Or multiply $40 by the number of years you have been a SHEAR member! Or give for yourself and in honor or memory of someone else! Whatever your gift, all donors will be recognized at the fortieth anniversary meeting. So, thanks in advance for investing in SHEAR’s future.

Craig Thompson Friend, President

Please join me in recognizing this important milestone

in SHEAR’s history with a $40 gift!

(and do it today because you know you will forget!)

Donate $40

Donate an amount of your choice. 

To make a donation by check, please download and complete a copy of the donation form, and mail along with your payment to:

SHEAR 40-for-40
3355 Woodland Walk
Philadelphia PA 19104


Towards what will my contribution go?

All funds raised will go directly to three needs that the Society faces:

First, our latest initiative has been to fund free registration for all graduate students who present at the annual meetings. Combined with our graduate student luncheon seminars, our outreach to the next generation of SHEARites demands a pretty penny from conference planning.

Second, every five years, we host a Founders’ Breakfast to honor those who have built SHEAR over the years. This summer, the breakfast is open to all SHEARites who had joined the Society by 1990.

Finally, SHEAR has added new awards, and we need to build a fund to secure all of our prizes. Some already receive generous gifts. Others do not. Your contribution will go towards a general pool that will be divided among the Society’s five money-awarding prizes.

By funding these initiatives, we will sustain relations with those who grew SHEAR, build relations with those who will continue SHEAR, and honor those who exemplify the Society’s dedication to intellectual excellence.

All donations may receive a receipt for tax purposes. Please note that a contribution to the $40-for-40-Years Campaign is independent from SHEAR membership and the Friends of SHEAR.