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Established in 1977, the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) is an association of scholars dedicated to exploring the events and the meaning of United States history between 1776 and 1861. SHEAR’s mission is to foster the study of the early republican period among professional historians, students, and the general public. It upholds the highest intellectual standards of the historical profession and encourages the broad diffusion of historical insights through all appropriate channels, including schools, museums, libraries, electronic media, public programming, archives, and publications. SHEAR cherishes a democratic ethos in scholarship and cultivates close, respectful, and productive exchanges between serious scholars at every level of experience and recognition. SHEAR membership is open to all; most members are professional historians employed in colleges, universities, museums, and historical parks and agencies, as well as independent scholars and graduate students. Membership in the Society includes a subscription to the Journal of the Early Republic, published four times a year.

Memberships/subscriptions are valid January 1 through December 31. Memberships/subscriptions received after October 31 in any year become effective the following January 1. Members/subscribers joining mid-year receive copies of all issues of the JER already in print for that year.

We offer the following ways to donate:

Contribute to our D/E/I: SHEAR Research Fellowships or Become a Friend of SHEAR

Your payment of $500, $300, or $150 will cover your SHEAR membership including your JER subscription.

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2023 U.S. Membership/Subscription Rates: 

  • Students $30
  • K-12 Teachers: $35
  • Community College Faculty: $40
  • Individuals (income to $45,000): $40
  • Individuals (income $45,000-$75,000): $75
  • Individuals (income above $75,000): $110
  • Institutions: $120

Memberships are available in one or three-year increments.

2023 Non-U.S. Membership/Subscription Rates (includes $21 non-U.S. shipping charge)

  • Students: $51
  • K-12 Teachers: $56
  • Community College Faculty: $61
  • Individuals (income to $45,000): $61
  • Individuals (income $45,000 to $75,000): $96
  • Individuals (income above $75,000): $131
  • Institutions: $139 Subscription

Memberships are available in one or three-year increments

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Orders may be placed by mailing a membership form to the SHEAR business office directly:

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PO Box 200
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Make all checks payable to SHEAR. International Orders: Please add $21 for postage.

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