Dear SHEAR friends:

As the coronavirus continues to cause health concerns around the globe and to dramatically reorder our lives, I am writing to keep you informed of the status of our July conference.

As of today, we are very much hoping that our mid-summer conference will proceed as scheduled.  Yet given the possibility that our situation may grow worse, or at least not lessen considerably by July, please know that our organization’s leadership is discussing contingency plans and paying close attention as events continue to rapidly unfold. Despite these challenges, however, this year’s program committee has finalized an outstanding program with a wide variety of panels that should appeal to our entire membership, and to historians and educators from all levels.

To that end, we have moved the pre-registration opening date to June 1. If significant changes in current conditions cause the presidents and Council to cancel the conference, SHEAR will refund all registration fees.

We will post further announcements as news continues to develop. In the meantime, let us hope for the best and that we will be able to see one another in Philadelphia for our forty-second meeting this July!

Stay safe and well,

Douglas R. Egerton

President, SHEAR

About Us!

Established in 1977, the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) is an association of scholars dedicated to exploring the events and the meaning of United States history between 1776 and 1861.

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SHEAR membership is open to all; most members are professional historians employed in colleges, universities, museums, and historical parks and agencies, as well as independent scholars and graduate students. 

Annual Meeting

42nd annual meeting will convene in Philadelphia 16-19 July 2020.

43rd Annual meeting will convene in New Orleans 22-25 July 2021

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The $40-for-40-Years Campaign asks simply that each member donate $40 in honor of our fortieth anniversary meeting, which was held in summer 2018 in Cleveland.

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SHEAR’s mission is to foster the study of the early republican period among professional historians, students, and the general public. It upholds the highest intellectual standards of the historical profession and encourages the broad diffusion of historical insights through all appropriate channels, including schools, museums, libraries, electronic media, public programming, archives, and publications.