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Journal of the Early Republic

Information about SHEAR's quarterly journal can be found on the publisher's website:

Editors: Jonathan Daniel Wells, David Waldstreicher
Managing Editor: Kate Tyler Wall
Book Review Editors: Andrew Burstein, Nancy Isenberg
Editorial Intern: Thomas Richards

Editorial Board

Julianna Barr, University of Florida
Richard Bernstein, New York Law School
Craig Friend, North Carolina State University
Francois Furstenberg, University of Montreal
Reeve Huston, Duke University
Susan Juster, University of Michigan
Christopher Olsen, Indiana State University
John Quist, Shippensburg State University
Bethel Saler, Haverford College
Amy Dru Stanley, University of Chicago



Journal of the Early Republic
856 Gladfelter Hall
1115 Berks Street
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122


JER Book Reviews
Journal of the Early Republic Book Reviews

224 Himes Hall

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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